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Introducing the revolutionary EasySmile LifeLike Veneers!
Dr. Braunstein is proud to be the only dentist in San Diego offering this amazing new technology to patients who want to have a beautiful radiant confident smile in only 1 visit! To learn about EasySmile Lifelike Veneers, click here or call our office.

The first thing most people notice about you is your smile. Advances in cosmetic dental care have made it possible for a dentist with the right training, qualifications and expertise to completely redesign your smile.

Dr. Braunstein has the desired combination of experience and knowledge in the practice of cosmetic dentistry to transform the appearance of your smile while also attending to function, to improve your overall dental health.

We offer a variety of advanced techniques to create the smile of your dreams. We offer Conservative Refurbishing or a Complete Makeover. Call us today to learn how how we can give you the smile you deserve.

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